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Selling online for new and established businesses

bidorbuy.co.za is an online auction site and marketplace where people trade with each other without a middleman. The site supplies an online trading platform that enables businesses, small retailers, or even hobby sellers, to be seen by a larger number of potential buyers, who may be geographically distant.

No technical skills are required to start a business selling on bidorbuy. There are no start-up costs.  There is no need to worry about running a web presence and about attracting visitors to the site – bidorbuy does all that. The registration procedure is quick and the learning curve is low. Sellers do not pay anything to list their products (unless they select to advertise their wares on the site). They pay a selling commission only once they sell something on the site. For low-cost items, that commission can be up to 5% of the selling price, and for the high-value items about 1%.

That is why bidorbuy as a selling outlet is ideal for new businesses. Established retailers or even wholesalers also find it beneficial to join bidorbuy, because they will get more potential customers to see their products. bidorbuy is a high-traffic site and is one of the most visited web sites in South Africa.

or that reason, many businesses who have their own e-commerce sites have integrated their shopping carts with bidorbuy. The integration means that the items from their e-commerce sites are fed automatically onto bidorbuy.

To start selling on bidorbuy or to have you your shopping cart integrated with the bidorbuy trading platform, contact hello@bidorbuy.co.za.

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