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Obstacles and your reaction

Content provided by a guest contributor.

Speedbump_sign.gifAs a business owner you have most likely have quite a bit of experience in dealing with various “obstacles”. These may come in different guises e.g. a new product or service that is slow to take off, having a variable cash flow but fixed overheads, handling demanding tasks or clients, etc.

The key question is: How do you manoeuvre yourself through these situations without becoming negative, angry, feeling helpless or staying stuck?

Let is explore some options:

  1. Some people choose not to allow themselves to feel discouraged. They focus on what needs to be done next and stay on track with where they want to go with their business. They avoid being affected by factors over which they have little or no control.
  2. Others see any obstacle as a challenge and become excited about finding ways to deal with these. They may talk to others, actively explore alternatives or even think about how they can find an opportunity in the situation.
  3. Some of us are reflectors and need some time to think about the situation and see what we can learn from what is happening. If you look at a stream you may notice rocks and to the side a little pool of water. The water seems to circulate here or remain still before it is pulled back into the flow of the river again. Some of us are like that. We take a bit of a rest before building up energy to move on.
  4. Others of us make a conscious decision to slow down and take our time to see how a situation will pan out. We may decide to take no action till we have greater clarity either on how we feel or how we chose to move ahead. An MD of a highly successful manufacturing plant describes it as playing for time. He says eventually the answer does come without you having to waste your time analysing and worrying about it.
  5. Sometimes our timing is out – our ideas may be premature, ahead of what the market can take. That’s fine – put your idea on the shelf for a little while or keep on planting seeds by talking to others till you create the need and are then able to put forward your product or service as a solution.
  6. Obstacles are often “tests” for us to work out exactly what we want and to go for it – even if at a snail’s pace.

In essence any obstacle gives us the opportunity to:

  • Get in touch with how we feel about what is happening to us
  • Work out what we really want
  • Deal with any fears we may have by looking at how we have responded in the past and find new ways of responding
  • Get out of a head mode where we often over–analyse. Instead we can allow room for our gut-feel to give us a message of how to move forward. Remember that intuition is NOT a logical head process. Intuition thrives on stillness and space where we are not trying to control the outcome, but waiting for that “AH HA” moment to appear of its own accord
  • Be playful and see life and challenges as a game where you can allow your creativity to flourish

The deciding factor however is YOU! Be playful like a child and try something different.

Have fun being playful!

Written by: Linda Germishuizen, Executive, Career and Life Coach

Copyright (c) 2016, the credited author
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