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Do you have a Website Strategy?

Content provided by a guest contributor.

internet_marketing1.jpgHaving recently redone our entire website and currently assisting five of our members do the same, it has come to mind that so many businesses just have no idea what it takes to develop a functional marketing website.

We seem to focus so much on design and looks that we fail to even begin to develop the strategy that the site will be judged for in the future. Here are some questions to ask about your site to do a snap assessment on what you currently have on the web waves:

  1. Have you identified keywords for each page?
  2. Are these keywords present in your copy and html code?
  3. Does your site talk to your customers (good) or talk about you (bad)?
  4. Does each page have a specific call to action that is easily identifiable and clear?
  5. Can you collect data from people who visit your site?
  6. Do you have a follow up mechanism that will follow up leads and contacts?
  7. Are you able to monitor the statistics of unique visits, page reads and jump rates?
  8. Have you recently updated your site to better improve the SEO based on these stats?
  9. Can you update and improve your own website without costly bills to some web designer?
  10. Is your website linked to your other online social media platforms with automated feeds and updates?
  11. Are you able to drive your business forward to where it needs to be using your online strategy?

Any NO answer to the above is a call to action to get your site updated to become a part of the marketing cogs of your business. Give us a shout for any assistance or advice on this or any other business development needs. 

Bruce Wade is a survivor of the corporate IT world, having spent 20 years in various computer related fields. Bruce graduated into the world of self-employment and developed a passion for helping others develop and build their own businesses. Bruce now runs the Entrepreneur Incubator; a member based organisation dedicated to serving SMEs through coaching, mentoring and leadership education.

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