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11. Don't blow your 30 seconds

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

While the Internet is getting faster, for many it is still slow. You have 30 seconds to attract your customer. Starting now.

Regardless of how your shop is created: there is one rule you must know to make sure you get the best for your money. It's not even a new rule: More is not always better also applies to the Internet.

If you have been looking at different web sites on the Internet, you may have noticed that it sometimes takes a long time before a web site can be seen. Actually sometimes it takes so long, you stop waiting and move on to another web site.

While sometimes a bad Internet connection can be to blame, this is also often caused by web design overkill. The web site designer has used so many graphics, images, sound effects or other dazzling functions on the page, that the resulting page is so big, it takes for ever to download.

It takes too long for a browser on a standard telephone line to take in all the information it needs to display such a page. This is as bad as forcing your customers to stand in a long queue.

The result: Your potential new customer turns away. Some research gives you as little as 30 seconds or less before this happens. So during these first 30 seconds your web site must start showing items to visitors to make them stick around.

Bad programming of a page even with little information can cause the same problem. Always make sure to have a shop designed for speed - so you don't blow your 30 seconds.

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