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22. Your own Internet address

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

You need your own Internet address. You can use the one provided by your ISP. A better option is using your own domain name. Make it easy to remember.

The correct name for a top level Internet address is domain name. Domain name is a Web site address that belongs to you exclusively. It is your 'domain' and may even contain your own name, such as No one else can use it. It's like your own street address.

However unlike a street address a domain name can move with you. So if you decide to switch your web hosting company or ISP, you can take the name with you. This means even if you move, your customers do not have to learn a new address for you.

Your domain name should closely reflect your business name or what your business is about to make it easy to remember. Your Web site address should also always stay the same - so customers can always find you again.

Unfortunately finding such a domain name may not be easy, as many names have already been taken up. You can use up to 64 characters. However the shorter and easier to remember, the better. There are also several new extensions to domain names, such as biz and info and others. However the .com or the extension used in your country are still most highly regarded.

When an ISP gives you a free domain name, it is usually not a top level Internet address, but a name based on their own - such as They own the domain name and grant you a sub name. If you move on, you must give it up.

Domain names also allow you to have your own email addresses, making you independent in this regard, too.

It is not hard to get a domain name nor very expensive. Ask your ISP or Web-hosting company to help you. Just make sure they list you, not themselves, as the owner of the name.

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