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17. Encrypt your orders with SSL and PGP

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

Three letters can make all the difference. They stand for encryption methods which ensure your customers can shop in safety.

Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator support a special encryption method. It ensures nobody can read an order, while it is being placed on the Internet. This encryption method is called  SSL.

Because SSL is widely known and accepted, you should always use it when accepting orders online, to make customers more comfortable.

Also tell them right on your home page that your shop is secure. The more you inform them about security, the better they will feel about buying in your shop.

Because of the high security SSL offers, it is widely used in Internet shops to secure orders. Of course ShopFactory comes with SSL included free of charge - no need for you to worry about it. Any order details sent via the Internet by ShopFactory shops are by standard SSL encrypted.

To top off your security, you can with ShopFactory even use PGP, and additional encryption package, which protects your email orders when they are sent to you.

16. Security for shop owners      18. How do you get the money?

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