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201705 Newsletter - May 2017



DIY for small businesses

The SME Toolkit is an online business hub that gives you access to information, documents, software, advice, news, eLearning and support. Are you looking to start or grow your business? Broaden your management skills? Access information or support? Do business better with the help of this user-friendly website that puts you in control.


Good record-keeping is key

The words tax, tax man, Receiver and SARS are known to strike fear into the hearts of many an entrepreneur. This is not only because it implies that you have to part with your money, but because the tax process can be a daunting one. A good place to start when getting your taxes in order is by keeping accurate records …


VAT Audit

Facing a VAT audit? Make sure you have these ten financial records at hand

The Receiver of Revenue (SARS) will investigate these 10 items at least if your business faces a VAT audit …


Reputation management and the POPI Act

When the Information Regulator announces commencement of the twelve month transition period to full effect of the POPI Act – POPIA - (which had not happened at the time of writing this article but is widely expected in the second half of 2017), there will be a number of possible negative consequences to non-compliance with the Act ...



Why transparency is important in the workplace

One of the great shortcomings of larger businesses is that it is not uncommon for disconnects to occur between management and staff and between the various business units. Small business owners can take a valuable lesson from this …



Tips when looking for business premises

One of the things you have to think about carefully when starting or buying a business is where it is or will be housed. There are many factors that will influence your decision, but let's look at the most important issues to get you in the right frame of mind …



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They said it …

Create a network of 1000 people who respect what you do. Your business can’t grow in a vacuum. The more people know about you and respect your work, the easier it is to create the critical mass needed to fast forward your business growth.

— Extracted from the Synnovatia blog (http://www.synnovatia.com/business-coaching-blog/bid/127839/Ten-Ways-to-Accelerate-Business-Growth)

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