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201611 Newsletter - November 2016


   DIY for small businesses

The SME Toolkit is an online business hub that gives you access to information, documents, software, advice, news, eLearning and support. Are you looking to start or grow your business? Broaden your management skills? Access information or support? Do business better with the help of this user-friendly website that puts you in control.


Meet the winners of the 2016 Business Plan Competition

Young aspirant entrepreneur duo, Bahle Nteleki and Mazizi Njokweni, have been crowned the national winners in the 2016 Business Partners / SME Toolkit Global Entrepreneurship Week’s Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs at an awards ceremony …



Finding Finance – an online solution

FinfindEasy is an online resource for business owners, small business accountants and advisors, as it offers a complete guide to the world of small business finance. The website provides you with 4 keys to help you obtain finance, is easy to use and empowers you to take control of your business finance – your one stop shop for access to finance FinfindEasy is an online one-stop solution for access to finance for small businesses that brings together the providers and seekers of SME finance …


10 Tips for entrepreneurs to attract investors and secure financing

Many excellent business ideas never get past the spreadsheet stage and into the real world simply because entrepreneurs fail to connect with individuals or investors with enough capital and risk appetite to help implement them ...



Do you need a mentor/coach/advisor?

When it comes to finding accurate information about starting or running a business, it can be hard to know who to ask or where to look. Reading the articles on this website are a very good place to start, but it can be even more valuable to find an expert who can give you face-to-face advice …



Goldmine of business insight, information and solutions

A Goldmine of business insight, information and solutions is available to all SA entrepreneurs. Anybody, anywhere in South Africa, can contact BUSINESS/PARTNERS’ Entrepreneurs Growth Centre with any question about business – How do I register for VAT? How do I fire a disruptive employee without running into trouble at the CCMA? Is my pricing right? And so much more ...



Join our community

Join our Facebook Community to receive daily tips, motivation, and inspiration; and to share your experiences and questions with other entrepreneurs ...




They said it …

More business is lost every year through neglect than through any other cause.
– Rose Kennedy

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