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How to attract the best employees

Content provided by a guest contributor.

ThumbsUp-freedigitalphotos.jpgAs a business owner, you don’t just want to hire any staff. You obviously want to hire the best staff for your SME. You want someone with an impressive skillset, excellent work ethic and great personality. The thing is, these people are far and few between. And you have to compete with bigger businesses when it comes to hiring them.

But the good employees don’t always go to the biggest names in the industry when looking for a job. They go to companies that make the best offer, whether it’s money or lifestyle. Since you may not be able to match financial offers by larger businesses, here are some things you can do to attract the best hires.

Extra leave days

People value their free time and offering potential employees more than the standard may be a huge drawcard. When people enjoy travelling, having only 15 days of leave a year can be a problem, especially if your business doesn’t close over the festive season.

Retirement contributions

Back in the day, most businesses offered this benefit but these days very few do, especially SMEs. The contribution doesn’t have to be huge, even a small amount helps. Offering a percentage of what your employees contribute could encourage more savings as well.

Health benefits

Hospital plans and medical aid can make all the difference when you’re putting in an offer for a desirable hire. Everybody gets ill sometimes and knowing that they’re covered if something happens is a big deal.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours are attractive to people who operate better early in the mornings or late in the afternoon. It means they can be at the office when they’re at their most productive and have their free time when they want to relax.

The option of working remotely

It’s 2016 and many jobs don’t need people to be at the office all the time. Technology makes it easy to keep in contact while not being on the premises. Some people prefer to work from home occasionally and offering them this option could make all the difference.

Skills development

Nobody wants to remain in the same position for too long. They want to work their way up in the business. And that means they need to develop their skills. By offering employees the opportunity to learn new things and train in different areas, you’ll attract ambitious staff members who want to do well.

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