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Jordan Ahli Bank

Register your free account now and watch our interactive videos to learn how to better manage your business finances.
Screenshot_CashflowStatement2_play.JPGThe Cashflow Statement
Learn how to create a cash flow statement and why your business will benefit from it.
Screenshot_Introductiontocosts3_play.JPG Introduction to Costs
Get to know different types of costs and how to calculate your businesses’ break-even point.
Controllingcosts_final_play.JPGControlling Costs
Watch this video to know more about ways to increase profits by controlling your costs.
ScreenshotIncomeStatement1_play.JPGIncome Statement
Find out how to plan for the future of your business by monitoring your profits and losses.
BalanceSheet_play.JPG Balance Sheet
Explore how to create a balance sheet and why it is important to your business.
FinancialAnalysis_play.JPGOverview of Financial Analysis
Understand how periodic financial analysis will help making proper decisions for your business.
HowtoCreateaBusinessPlan_withplaybutton.pngHow to Create a Business Plan
Explore why a business plan is important for your business and how to create one.
HowtoFinanceyourBusiness_withplaybutton.png How to Finance your Business
Watch this video to know more about ways to finance your business.
HowtoApplyforaLoan_withplaybutton.pngHow to Apply for a Loan
Learn about loan characteristics and how to qualify for a bank loan.
ImportanceofLiquidity_withplaybutton.png Importance of Liquidity
Understand the concept of liquidity and why it is important for your business.
ProfitabilityRatios_withplaybutton.pngProfitability Ratios
Analyze the profitability of your company to discern which activities or assets are making money for you.
ManagingyourInventory_withplaybutton.pngManaging your Inventory
Learn how to save money by managing your inventory efficiently.

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