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Practical tips to develop a competitive edge through efficient and effective product design

Provided by Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Toolkit UAE

Product design is the process of generating and developing ideas that yield new products which satisfy customers’ wants or needs through use, consumption, or acquisition.

So how can you take correct product design decisions for competitive advantage?

Differentiate your products on the basis of quality by taking into account the eight dimensions of goods quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality, as well as the five dimensions of services quality: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy.

Avoid differentiating on too many features, so as not to confuse customers or cause “feature fatigue.” Based on the product’s target market and positioning, decide upon pertinent dimensions of goods/services quality that will be designed into your product!

Examine and choose from the various branding-strategy options available: individual branding, family branding, co-branding, and globalization. And, project a positive, strong, and consistent corporate identity through your mission, values, functional competencies, products quality and design, marketing communications, personnel actions, and image generated by the different corporate activities.

Identify your goods through unique packaging that protects, facilitates use of, promotes, and provides information about the products and their use. Also, provide complementary services as per the need like: fast price quotations, prompt order processing, reliable delivery, warranty, repair and maintenance, efficient complaints handling… etc.

If you are a service-provider, ensure setting, abiding by, and regularly monitoring your well-defined performance standards!

What is important is how the customer perceives the product (good or service) as satisfying a want or a need; not how the seller sees it!

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