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The Power of Content Marketing

Provided by Mona Shibel, Content Partner for SME Toolkit


Today, content marketing is extensively utilized by both large and small companies alike. In fact, small and medium enterprises were able to get ahead of large business by exploiting this unique marketing tool. But first, what is content marketing?

Content Marketing is a form of marketing that entails the creating and distribution of relevant and valuable content to clients and potential clients. The value of this content lies in educating the audience and providing a solution to their real life problems. Distribution of this content is often done across different marketing channels, whether it is print, newsletter, e-mail, mobile, or social media. If done correctly, this free education would enhance your customer loyalty, and magnetize prospects into working with you.
The best value for this type of marketing is best provided when the producer of the content is you, as the subject expert. At the end of the day you own this content as it reflects your expertise in your field. The role of your marketing coordinator would be to package this content properly and distribute it across the different marketing channels.
It is an extremely popular and effective form of marketing that replaces the traditional advertisement approaches which does not engage your audience.
So the question remains: Why do you need a content marketing approach?
Here are two good reasons:
1- It allows you to build trust with your prospects
In the past, the marketplace was dominated by corporations that spent enormous amounts of money to build brand awareness. Consumers automatically built that sense of trust as a result of familiarity.
In today’s world, so many small businesses are emerging in the market. They do not have the same means that larger businesses have to spend heavily on advertising and brand awareness. Additionally, the internet has allowed business owners to reach out to large numbers of audiences at minimal cost. Content marketing provides a niche route for these small business owners to carve their way into a large audience, whilst engaging them intelligently through their content.
This form of marketing is extremely powerful because it’s a way to build trust with your prospects. More specifically, by providing your prospects with solutions to their problems at no cost, you are automatically building a high level of trust, and are positioning yourself as an expert in the field.
2- It creates a demand for your service that might not otherwise exist
Your prospects will have a problem that requires a solution; one that you offer in both your content marketing and in your services.
These prospects fall into different categories: Some have a problem and are actively looking for a solution; some have a problem but don’t know of any solutions; some don’t even know they have a problem; and finally, some know they have a problem but do not want a solution.
In all scenarios, you are bringing into light a solution to their problem. In traditional marketing, you are seeking out only those that are actively searching for a solution. With content marketing, you have the opportunity to reach out to all the prospects with the problem, even those that are not seeking a solution.
You might ask, why reach out to those that are not seeking a solution? The answer is simple. They may not know that a problem or solution exists or they may seek a solution sometime in the future. In both situations, by using content marketing, you are using education and sharing of knowledge to create a demand that might have otherwise not existed.
What about your business? What are some problems you can solve now for your clients?
What can you do now to educate your prospects around solving their problems?
What kind of information can you offer that would create a demand for what you offer?
Perhaps you can incorporate a content marketing strategy in your efforts to boost sales.

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