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Practical tips to get the most out of your “routes-to-market”

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A marketing channel of distribution is the path or pipeline through which products flow in one direction and generated payments flow in the opposite direction. The type and efficiency level of a business’ marketing channel can have a strong impact on its overall success; regardless of the number.

So how can you get the most out of your marketing channels? 

Being a highly strategic discipline, marketing encourages the utilization of various means and methods, so as to help customers find and purchase from a business.

Start by identifying the multiple marketing channels available, and closely examining each: E-mails, website, social media, physical locations, events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, sponsorships, advertising, latest communication mediums, and corporate social responsibility.

Define the channels that are relevant to your business field and make business sense to you, where your target audience exists, and which comply with your budget. Remember that the more channels you are on, the more difficult it will get to manage them. It’s about quality, rather than quantity!

As your channels are your display windows to existing as well as potential customers, ensure that the channel mix you pick clearly reflects your product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical environment.

All your marketing channels should communicate a congruent message, speak the same brand language, and use the same tone of voice.

The more effective marketing channels of distribution you employ, the greater your level of penetration into your customer's world! 

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