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Raise Your Voice

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Sowt, a new Jordanian online platform, is bursting onto the social media scene – with voice.

Bursting onto the social media scene is Sowt, a new Jordanian online platform that allows users to record and broadcast short Twitter-style audio messages.

Sowt, which is Arabic for “voice,” allows users to record up to 42 seconds of audio through its website or mobile app, and then post it to their network, along with a text description and a picture if they so wish. Users can even “echo,” or pass-on, their favorite audio clips posted by other users.

Founded by the Zureiqat siblings, Hazem, Tarek, and Dana, Sowt started with the aim of providing citizen journalists in the region with an alternative to the likes of Facebook. “The idea expanded and evolved to a generic social media tool empowered by voice, based on audio posts,” Hazem told Venture. “Audio is the most common form of communication, but it was never incorporated in social media.” While audio allows for a far reach of broadcast, it also channels a dimension of character into the user’s message, he added.

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