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The Freedom Machine

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The Freedom Machine is a multi-functional, rooftop greenhouse that aims to make our home lives greener.

Jordan’s twin environmental challenge, a lack of water and energy, is finally being met with affordable, real-world technological innovations that most of us can realistically put to use around our homes. Meezan's Freedom Machine is one such creation.

The Freedom Machine is a multi-functional, rooftop greenhouse that aims to make our home lives greener and forces us to reevaluate our unhealthy consumption habits. “We would like to turn roofs from units that increase our consumption of energy, to surfaces that allow us to produce energy, reduce consumerism, and become self-reliant and productive members of society,” Bashar Humeid, founder of Meezan, explained. His team was aiming to make the device commercially viable this year. “We are trying to reduce its cost so that it would be equivalent to that of a solar heater.”

First and foremost, the Freedom Machine can heat between 20 and 30 cubic meters of a household on clear winter days. The sun’s heat is trapped in the greenhouse and pumped indoors using a duct. Temperatures can reach 25 to 35 degrees celsius. This cost-effective solution can cut down on fuel and electricity consumption.

A unit that was installed in Irbid has saved its owner four to five hours of electricity consumption for his AC unit daily, and saved him a total of JD15 per month on this electricity bill.

Furthermore, the greenhouse contains an aquaponics system, which combines fish farming and crop farming in a symbiotic environment, where fish effluents are used as a fertilizer for the plants. Hence, through a natural flow that relies on gravity, fish wastewater is used to water the plants, which in turn filter and cleanse the water that is funneled back to the fish tanks. This system provides an almost self-sustainable source of nutrition for a household.

The Freedom Machine’s large roof surface also collects rain water, which is stored inside tanks in the greenhouse and is used to water plants. In the winter, the warm atmosphere inside the greenhouse creates a buffer zone, improving a home’s insulation. Finally, in the summer the greenhouse’s plastic covering is replaced with a shade cover, which gives a cooling effect both for the plants and fish, and the household since the cool air is pumped indoors.

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