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Strive for Excellence

Content provided by Mr. Odeh Habash, content partner for SME Toolkit

During my 17 years of experience, I had the privilege to interact with a wide range of people, from the top business performers down to people who fail miserably. In this respect, I always tried to analyze what separates the great performers from the mediocre and "also-rans". In this journey I found six characteristics or qualities that are present in almost every top producer. These qualities are either missing or not completely developed in people who are not considered top level achievers. Herein below is the list:

1-     Integrity

Top performers understand that success in business comes from establishing trust with prospects and clients. This trust only comes if the person believes totally in what they do. Top performers, almost to a fault, are congruent in their words, beliefs and actions. They use their own products, as they are their own best client. They always fulfill on their promises as they “walk the talk” rather than just “talk the talk”.

2-     Service

Good service establishes a win-win relationship. Top performers understand that for future success, it is critical that their clients are happy. So to accomplish this, top performers do three things:

  1. They study the overall dynamics of their clients' business. They learn their language, their problems, their challenges, and even about their competitors. It is only through understanding their business that they can understand the client.
  2. They ask questions to find out if and how they can help prospective clients. Top performers understand that the client will show them what they need and how they want to buy, if they only ask the right questions.
  3. Top performers under-promise and over-deliver. They make sure that everything they commit to is done and then some more. Their goal is not only a satisfied client, but an absolutely excited, and over-joyed business patron.


3-     Work Smart and Hard

Top performers understand that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed at anything. They certainly work very smart, but they understand that this does not mean less work hours. Top performers develop and follow a system, which requires both time and effort to follow through on. They always review their activities and results as they continuously strive to improve further.

4-     Relationships

Top performers understand that they are not selling products, but rather they are creating relationships. They know in their hearts that their success is determined by the quality of these relationships. Consequently, they constantly network, seek referrals as they incessantly build further their relationships. They turn clients into centers of influence who become ambassadors for their business. Their measure of success is not their bank accounts, but rather the size of their client and prospect list.

5-     Focus

All top performers have an unswerving singleness of purpose. They are 100 percent, full-time committed to their chosen pursuit. The reason for this is they have an unbridled enthusiasm for what they do. They absolutely love it. They do not even consider work as work: it is play to them. Their vocation is actually their vacation.

6-     Continuous Improvement

Top performers are never totally satisfied with their performance. They are always looking for ways to constantly invest in themselves. They study their industry. They always set goals to beat their best. They are always working on ways to improve their own system and optimize it with time.

I would very much recommend that you look at these six qualities and rank yourself from one to ten on each. Find out what qualities are missing or lacking, and set a goal to improve in these essential areas. Excellence is a choice we make, and success is never found by chance. Make a decision now to fully commit to your dreams, goals and aspirations. Make a decision now to incorporate, believe in, trust and live by these success essentials, and to better your business and yourself.

Odeh Habash

LMI Jordan 

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Odeh Habash. All rights reserved.

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