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International Business Report on Global Economy in 2013

Rebuplished by SME Toolkit India with permission from Grant Thornton

With uncertainty prevailing, reason might well tell business leaders to build cash levels and wait for a sustained recovery before investing. However we also encourage our clients to listen to their instinct: with interest rates low and talent plentiful in mature economies, this is the perfect time to invest in both their people and their operations. Investing now could help them to get ahead of the competition when the global economy is on a surer footing. Meanwhile, business leaders in emerging economies should consider their international expansion strategy – picking up distressed assets at low cost in mature economies could offer technology and skills transfers, allowing them to move onto a higher growth plain by offering higher value-add products and services.Conditions are tough, but by applying both reason and instinct to their decision making, dynamic businesses can navigate through these strong economic headwinds in 2013.

The growth prospects of those that do look very healthy indeed.


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