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Cool entrepreneur Marcio Mordoh: Full of Beans

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In case you haven’t heard, the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles aren’t even restaurants! Tracking new food trends it is clear that bricks-and–mortar restaurants are so last year and the hottest new restaurants in LA are literally “on-the-move”.

Mobile Food units are so hot right now that even the big-name chefs from big name restaurants are jumping on the band wagon (pun intended)! There has been such a rapid growth of the mobile food movement that there are now an estimated 9,000 registered mobile food vendors in the United States alone. Mobile food and coffee units are a major worldwide trend and since the introduction of good quality, creative food and beverages produced in clean and funky mobile units it has become not only acceptable but highly trendy to get your daily fill from mobile food vendors!”


Marcio Mordoh immigrated to South Africa after graduating from HIM - Hotel School in Switzerland in 1990. He has been closely tracking food and beverage trends for over 20 years whilst working in several 5 Star Hotels and launching a few Restaurants and operating Coffee Shop concepts for Woolworth's Cafe and PnP Kitchen Cafe in the South African Food and Beverage Industry.

Fascinated by the worldwide mobile food movement, Brazilian born, Marcio Mordoh strongly felt that there was a real opportunity in the local South African market for a well executed, operationally sound up-market mobile concept.  Manifesting his vision to “have fun doing cool things” he launched Full of Beans in 2007 and sees this trend as a perfect opportunity to grow and develop his food service company “Full of Beans” into a highly innovative and exciting consumer brand with a unique “mobile” point of difference.


Seeking expression of a truly retro style in the mobile execution, Marcio was passionately inspired by the vintage appeal of the ever-so-cute and sexy three-wheeler “Piaggio-TriVespa” scooters. The Piaggio-TriVespa model was conceptualized in 1948 by the aircraft designer and inventor of the Vespa, Corradino D’Ascanio and has been in continuous production since then . Spotting the gap, Mordoh promptly decided to purchase ALL of the Tri-Vespa scooters available in the South African market and actively pursue acquisition of the African distribution rights for the three-wheeler units from the Piaggio Group.


Insistent on excellent execution and retro styling, Marcio then began the impossible task of finding a suitable manufacturing partner to design, convert and manufacture the first prototype of the Full of Beans Mobile Coffee Unit to be powered by these sexy and retro-chic three wheeler Piaggio -TriVespa scooters. Finally in early 2011, we invested in full manufacturing capability with specialized conversion equipment and specific expertise in automotive restoration, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to ensure that the unit can efficiently run on the lowest possible carbon foot-print with a very low electrical consumption with a light-weight generator and some gas powered equipment.

Development of the suitably nicknamed “Mobean-1” prototype took a good 9 month's and whilst the design, conversion and manufacture process has been extremely challenging and time-consuming – it has been incredibly exciting and rewarding!


The phenomenal success of the mobile food movement has been greatly facilitated by the advent of social media as facebook pages generate fans and twitter allows you to follow your favourite mobile food unit daily. Assisted by his wife Teresa Mordoh formerly the marketing director of Nando's, Marcio confirms: “We will be pioneering the use of online marketing both to launch and operate the Full of Beans Mobile Units with the main aim of developing on-line relationships with our customers along our daily route. You will be able to follow us on Twitter at @fullofbeans – or become our fans on our Full of Beans Facebook Page and ultimately check us out on our website

BUT that’s not all…watch this space…


The Mordoh’s already have a few other exciting mobile food concepts in development to enhance the Mobile Food Movement in South Africa ! As soon as they have launched and established these concepts, they plan to  to share their experience in developing mobile units with other budding entrepreneurs through their mobile unit manufacturing company called M.O.V.E – Mobile Operated Vending Equipment.

For further details contact:

Marcio Mordoh – 072 195 4548;

Teresa Mordoh – 072 865 4333;

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