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Fetola volunteer mentor programme

Provided by Business Partners Ltd, South Africa's leading investor in SMEs

work-relationships.jpgVolunteer Mentoring is a national initiative aimed building a thriving small business sector in South Africa. It is being launched with the support of civic-minded partners & aims to create a national resource to match volunteer mentors to small business owners & managers in need of their skills.

What sets this initiative apart is that it is a volunteer programme, specifically for small and emerging businesses. Ultimately the database will use automated matchmaking tools to give entrepreneurs access to mentors with practical experience in everything from business administration and accounting, business management to sales and marketing, CRM, communications, HR and production management.

Who is Fetola?

Fetola is an enterprise development organisation dedicated to building a better future for South Africa through the creation of a thriving small business sector. Beneficiaries are small & emerging businesses and community based projects.

Why become a mentor?

Volunteer mentoring brings benefits to both mentor and mentee and fosters a climate of success in the country. It is a way for skilled and experienced men and women who want to make a difference to find the right channel in which to act. It is a way for people of all races, and from all ranges of small business background to participate in the building of a thriving nation of successful people.

Why become a mentee?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy – it can be stressful with people looking to you constantly for decision-making, yet with nowhere to turn to for your own support. Mentees are people who are self-motivated and committed as entrepreneurs, yet want to learn from others. Mentees are those who recognize the value of others as a way to improve their own skills

What is a Volunteer Mentor?

A Volunteer Mentor is a respected experienced individual to whom a mentee can turn to for guidance and support. He or she wants to make a difference to South Africa and is a committed to assisting emerging business owners become more successful. A volunteer mentor is like a responsible Uncle (or Aunt) to whom a mentee can turn for guidance.

What a Volunteer Mentor is NOT

A Volunteer Mentor does not replace paid specialist consulting or provide free labor in the business. He/she is not an investor or source of funds. He is not a business partner, sales agent or other active member of the business.

What are the benefits of becoming a Volunteer Mentor?

The Volunteer Mentor programme provides an opportunity for mentors to develop their coaching skills and also to network and connect with other mentors and potential business partners.

What are the benefits of becoming a Mentee?

The Volunteer Mentor Programme provides a wide range of opportunities including:

  • Individual recognition, encouragement, and support
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Confidence to challenge oneself to achieve new goals and explore alternatives
  • A realistic perspective of your business environment
  • Advice on how to balance work and other responsibilities and set priorities
  • Knowledge of workplace "do's and don'ts"
  • Gain experience in networking

What areas or skills can a Mentor assist a mentee with?

  • General business decision-making, including Vision development, business plan development, budgeting, SWOT analysis and business analysis.
  • Business Management including supportive leadership development, Human resource management, resource & financial management, risk management.
  • Business administration & Accounting – guidance with installation of systems & processes, filing, Governance, business registration. Dealing with banks, loans and simple finance models.
  • Sales & Marketing at a small business level, including Product positioning & costing & pricing strategies. Customer Relationship Management and communications
  • Production Management including piece-work, simple production lines, quality management, cost-efficiencies, product re-engineering, market driven product strategies

How to join?

For more information on Fetola and its programmes, visit our the Fetola website and to become a mentor or request the services of one, email it to mentor@fetola.co.za

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