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Working with Information

When you find information you're interested in, you can:

Print It

(1)  Click the Print button to view a printable version of the information-then click Print in the File menu.

Email It
(2)  Click the Email link to email the url of this article to yourself or a friend.

Bookmark It
(3)  Click Bookmark This and a link to that topic will appear on your Home page-so you can locate the information quickly the next time you visit the Toolkit. To remove the item from your Home page, just check the box next to it and click the Remove (trash can) icon.

Download It
To download business forms or software, click Download and save the item to your desktop. Once it's saved, double-click on the icon on your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions.

View it
If you are having trouble viewing a downloaded form (and don't have a word processor) try downloading Microsoft's free Word document viewer.  Similarly, if you don't have a spreadsheet viewer, you can download Microsoft's free Excel Viewer.

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