Is 2017 the year you start your business?

South Africa needs more entrepreneurs to grow the economy and create jobs. You could be one of them. The SME Toolkit and BUSINESS/PARTNERS are hosting a full day "Start Your Business" conference aimed at helping you plan for your new venture. If you’re based in Gauteng ….


Start-up costs for an accommodation business

After much soul-searching, you’ve decided that you want to open your own guest house, boutique hotel or B&B. There are many factors to consider, such as where your business will be and who your target market is, but much of these decisions will be based on your budget, so that may be a good place to start. Here are just some of the costs associated with setting up a new accommodation business:


Are you POPI compliant? - and what does it mean?

Over the next few months the SME Toolkit South Africa will feature a number of items which will support you and your business as you not only meet the minimum requirements for compliance with the POPI Act, but also find ways to turn compliance with the POPI Act into a business benefit. These articles and guides will bring you a range of practical advice and share the experiences of other SMEs who have already started working to understand what the costs and benefits of compliance with the POPI Act means for a small business